Our Cairns

Sire:  Cairn Terrier Creek's Raisin' a "Ruckus" (click on name to view pedigree)

Meet Ruckus!!  He is our one and only sire here at Peachtree Kennel and he is the best boy!! He plays with all of the other dogs and has such a sweet, humble disposition.  He is a wheaten brindle with black markings and he has an awesome thick coarse coat!!  One of my girlfriends says she wishes she had his hair!!  :)  He is a beautiful boy and he continues to give us some gorgeous puppies!                             

Ruckus at 1 1/2 years                              Ruckus at 4 years


Retired Dam:  Whites Creek "Diamond" in the Ruff (click on name to view pedigree)

Say hello to our beauty Diamond!  Diamond is a gorgeous, sweet and loving girl and she is one of the smartest cairns we've ever had! Diamond came from Whites Creek Cairns in Reno, Nevada and she has given us some beautiful puppies!  She is an exceptional mama and loves her puppies! We just cannot say enough about this beautiful dog!!

Diamond at 7 weeks                     Diamond at 3 months

Diamond at 1 1/2 years               Diamond at 3 years

Diamond at 3 years

Dam:  Whites Creek "Treasure" Trove (click on name to view pedigree)
This is Treasure!!  She is our little athlete and LOVES to play ball!!  Treasure is a full sister to our beautiful Diamond!  Her spunky personality has stolen our hearts and we look forward to all that she will teach us!  She is 10 1/2" tall at the withers and is 14" long, weighing 14 lbs.  She has a beautiful brindle coat and a precious face and the sweetest personality!  She is our kisser and to Treasure, BALL IS LIFE!!! 

Treasure at 7 weeks old       Treasure at 1 year

Treasure at 1 1/2 years

Future Dam:  Whites Creek "Bliss"ful Miss 
(click on name to view pedigree)
This little girl right here!!  Oh my goodness is she a precious little thing!!  Super smart, spunky, fearless and sweet sweet sweet!  We look forward to her future litters and she plays so beautifully with our litters.  She will be a great little mama when the time comes and she totally lives up to her name "Bliss".  Welcome our sweet girl! 
     Bliss at 10 weeks          Bliss at 4 1/2 months
Future Dam:  Whites Creek Tillie Grace
Meet Tillie Grace!  She is a little doll baby and she fits right in around here!  She and Bliss are 1/2 sisters and share the same daddy.  We look forward to her beautiful pups as she has really stolen our hearts!  She's very vocal and silly and loves the other dogs.  She has also never met a stranger.  I think she will be a very petite girl and we hope she keeps her beautiful brindle coat.


In Loving Memory of:  Shangrila's "Divot" Did It (click on name to view pedigree) 

(Our sweet boy Divot passed in April, 2018.  Our hearts are broken as he was one of the best cairns we've ever had.  RIP our sweet boy) Divot was our prized sire!  He comes from champion bloodlines and has 6 champions in his 3 generation pedigree, including his sire.  Divot absolutely LOVES to play ball and he would play "fetch" all day long!  Heaven help the little squirrel or chipmunk that carelessly happens to enter HIS yard!  He loves people and children and has never met a stranger.  He has the best temperament and is the most affectionate dog. He is a red brindle with a black mask.  He has a wonderfully coarse coat and beautiful conformation.  He weighs 14 pounds, stands 10" tall at the withers and is 14" long.  As you can see, he has a beautiful face with a smart, fox-like expression.      

Divot at 16 months old


Divot at 5 years old
Divot at 7 years old

In Loving Memory of:  Peachtree's Little "Trinket" (click on name to view pedigree) 

(Our beauty Trinket passed in April 2018.  There will never be another "Mama Winks"!  Trinket was one in a million and we will always love and miss her terribly.  RIP our sweet girl) Trinket was one of the sweetest girls you would ever meet.  She is not the "typical Cairn" in that she is a lap dog.  She loves to fall asleep in your lap, on her back in your arms.  She is a very loving mommy and takes great care of her puppies.  As you can see in the picture below, they are just as healthy as can be.  Trinket LOVES people, particularly children.  She has such a sweet disposition and she loves to play ball with Divot.  Trinket is a light red/cream with black-tipped ears and tail and a precious face.  She has a wonderfully thick undercoat and a beautiful topcoat.  She weighs 13 pounds, stands 10.5" tall at the withers and is 14.5" long.  She has given us the most beautiful puppies!  We are sorry to say that Trinket is retired and will not be having any more puppies.




In Loving Memory of:  CCCT's Lookie It's "Cookie"  (click on name to view pedigree)

(Cookie was one of the sweetest, most humble, precious girls.  We miss her terribly and will always hold her near and dear to our hearts.  RIP our little beauty) Cookie was a precious little girl and she fits right in.  She loves to play and kiss and she ADORES people already, which is a true testimony of a good breeder.  A great big "thank you" goes out to my friend and fellow breeder Traci Dow for such a beautiful Cairn!  As you can see, Cookie has a wonderful brindle coat.  She weighs 11 pounds, stands 10" tall, and is 13" long.  Cookie is a petite little girl and she has given us some beautiful puppies!            

Cookie at 10 months old

Cookie at 5 years old

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