Hi Brycie,

I would like to introduce you to Cody, the herding terrier.  He is 10 feet tall and bullet proof!  A couple of days ago, I was working the BC on the sheep.  The next day, Cody was out while Ben was feeding the new rams.  He had the rams locked up in the catch pen and the 15 ewes were lolling around the pasture waiting on them to finish.  Well Mister Cody slips under the ‘dog proof’ gate and proceeds to “herd” the girls all over the pasture.  All we could see was the ewes circling the pasture and the broom straw moving as a “herding terror” pursued them.  We finally got him called off and out of the pasture...Holy cow!  What a show!

Well today he topped that!  We had gone for our walk around the farm with the 3 Aussies, the Border Collie and Cody.  We played ball and then put everyone up.  Everyone, but the recalcitrant one who heads to the woods when he sees that it is pen time.  Ben was walking to the mailbox right in front of the house (well off the highway).  He saw three does run out of the woods across the field right in front of him and jump the fence into the cow pasture.  It was mid day and Ben is going “what the heck?” Now here comes a fourth deer veering off to the left as she came out of the woods.  Who is hot pursuit, but the Cody man!  He rounded up four does and drove them out of the woods right in front of the house.  He is a mess.  He is sitting next to me right now, starring at his ball and smelling like he visited the cow pasture and rolled. Just wanted to let you know that he is doing fine and has become a man of many talents.  He never ceases to amaze us.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!  Hugs.
Mary Dee and Ben along with Cody the Wonder Dog!

Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were festive.  Simon's first Christmas was great! He absolutely paid NO attention to the ten foot tree and it's decorations.  Michael and his fiance were here too with their hundred plus pound black lab Ty and things were WILD but manageable.  Simon is growing by leaps and bounds. He's beautiful, with such an unusual coat. Can't believe he was a year old on the eighteenth!   I am sending you some pictures. He actually sleeps between us in the king size bed on his monogrammed pillow! I've never had a dog sleep that way before!  Hope all is well with you and your family.

Love and licks,
Nancy, Barry and Simon 



Hi Brycie,

We are enjoying our little girl Misty very much and wanted to give you an update on her progress.  She had a full wellness exam on August 30, 2016 and was micro chipped at that time.

She had a laparoscopic ovariectomy on November 7, 2016. She came through with flying colors!

She is truly a joy to have.  Like her mom, she enjoys playing with balls and does not want to stop. Charles and I often say to each other that we wish we had just one quarter of her energy.  She is also about the cutest dog we have ever seen. The receptionist at the vet's office thanked us for bringing her in because she was just so cute!

I groom her myself and have managed to use scissors only around her feet and underneath her tail.  She doesn't seem to mind the hand stripping too much and it does keep her coat in really good condition.

Once again, thank you so much for such a wonderful little companion.





I hope all is well with you.  We just wanted to share some updates on Wrigley's life over the last few months as she has had some exciting adventures.  First we want to thank you for our precious angel.  The last 3 years have been filled with so much love because of her.  She is the happiest and most loving dog ever.  Much like her dad she can play ball for hours and has developed some very impressive catching skills, never meets a stranger and just has the sweetest disposition.  This has truly been apparent as we went through a huge life change without her skipping a beat.  In January of this year our family moved to Sydney, Australia and Wrigley handled the huge move like a champ.  She already has so many friends here, the whole building loves her and she has settled right in. As a family a move like this can be difficult but she had made it so easy and having her here with us has really made this home.  Thank you for giving us the best dog!


    Have been meaning to send some more recent pictures of Sunny, so your email was a good reminder.  We have to say, having had numerous pets over the years, that Sunny is in a category all by herself.  Right now I'm up at 5 AM due to some jet-lag and Sunny is laying on the couch with me. Carrie has been taking her to obedience training and she has been head of her class and will be moving on to the next level. She has such an amazing personality and is such a smart animal.  She keeps coming up with all kinds of different sounds and voices that put us in stitches!  
     As you can see by the photos we have been taking her wherever we go. She's traveled to the cabin with us to Maine and Colorado and has been a great traveler. We have yet to board her, although Carrie is coming on a trip to Zurich next week, and with no kids at home we may finally have to (although our vet told us she will personally keep her if we do!  We'll have to see if she really meant it). We take her to the square in Newnan quite a bit, and she has a number of friends that look forward to seeing her stop in. Two of the restaurants there have sidewalk tables, so on nice days we can take her there and have lunch.  We were invited over to friends for Christmas dinner and were told very pointedly to make sure we brought Sunny.  We love her coat and color. As you can see she is turning out quite light. Carrie's going to get a lesson in grooming her, so we'll send a photo of her then also. I guess you can tell by all this we are pretty happy with her!

Steve & Carrie        

The dogs are doing great and are best buddies. Having the two of them is really great, both for us and them. Jinks has an amazing personality, and when we have friends over is always the prime attraction. She lives up to her name, always getting into a bit of mischief.

Steve & Carrie 


Hi Brycie and Mike,  
When we picked up Gunner on my birthday in July we never fully appreciated what an energetic bundle of joy we were adding to our lives.  Our not so little boy keeps us young.  When he isn't terrorizing our poor cat, he is stealing a slipper, socks or Linda's Ugg boots.  But we cannot help but giggle with delight over his mischievous deeds.  Gunner doesn't have a mean hair on him.  He is a lover boy which is a credit to the 10 weeks with you and his mother when he began his life.  He is so spoiled, and very very smart!
Many thanks to you both,
Arlen and Linda

Hi old family,
I will be 4 years old this May and really enjoying my life with all the grandchildren and traveling all around the country in my family's small RV.   I walk everyday with either my Mom or Dad for at least 3 miles.  My favorite part is to be off leach on the nature trail in the woods. I never run away and never get too far away from them.  My  vet says I am very healthy and in good shape.  Hope all is well with you and Happy Easter.  Hope I see that bunny on my walk today.

Gunner White


Last Sunday we went to Athens and visited our next door neighbor from the lake who is having some medical problems.  Her daughter made some pictures of Coco and sent them to me and I thought you might like to see them also.  Hope y'all are doing well.
Walter & Barbara




Dear Brycie & Family,
     Happy New Year!  Here are some recent photos of Peachtree's Little Madison, or "Maddie" as we call her.  She is an absolute dream and quite a little beauty.  Our first cairn terrier, Winston, has fallen in love with her along with our son (6) and daughter (8).  Cairn terriers are an excellent breed for young, energetic families as they need lots of exercise.  Therefore, Winston and Maddie are keeping us all in great shape!
     Being well socialized from birth, adjusting to her new home and family was a breeze for little Maddie.  We feel very fortunate to have found such an excellent breeder.  Maddie had a great start in life being raised in your home with her parents, Divot and Trinket and your loving care.  She is a curious little firecracker and has stolen our hearts!  Maddie is quite intelligent, eager to please, and easy to train.  She never meets a stranger and is always the "belle of the ball" when out for a stroll.  No one can resist getting a little love from Maddie and she always delivers!  She is such an affectionate girl and has become an invaluable member of our family.  Thank you for such a wonderful breed...cairn terriers are the BEST!

The McKnight Family
Duluth, GA 


Attached are some photo's of Deegan. Since he will be one next week....I thought you might like to see some of his antics over the last few months. He loves his big brother Ben (12 years old) and has a great new friend Jackson, a one year old Golden Retriever that lives right behind us. They can play and run and chase each other for hours. Deegan has been a delight for us and he is all boy!! He would rather be outside, playing in the snow (picture with his brother) or at the lake (first picture on his new boat) or in the mud, or playing chase with a stick with Jackson) than do anything else. He is much like his dad in that he loves to play ball!! He is off to the lake to celebrate his 1st B-Day.  Hope all is well in Peachtree.

Julie , Randy , Deegan & Ben



Cookies puppies are just adorable. Their families will be very lucky to have one. I promise to get you updated pictures of Baci.  I hope you and your family are doing well. We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We should just keep saying thanks because Baci is just soo wonderful. She keeps our spirits up daily. She is just a beautiful, sweet girl. We can't take her any where that someone doesn't comment on her sweet little face. She gets away with a lot because of it. She has the sweetest personality and is loved by all. Ed has had back surgery so she has been a little out of sorts because he can't play with her. So, I found a doggy day care that I take her to one day a week...so she can play with other dogs and people. She loves it there, and they love her. She gets soo much attention from the staff and the other dogs. She has even become their interview dog when a new dog comes for their first visit. She is their official greeter when she is there. She definitely loves the added attention. The new families love her and she welcomes the new dogs. She is quite the "social butterfly". She never meets a stranger. I know it all has to do with all of you. She was given soo much love, that she just wants to spread it around. So thanks for our wonderful gift. We hope your Christmas and New Year is filled with much joy and happiness.
Thanks and Merry Christmas,
Ed, Patty, and Baci



I am sorry it has taken me SSOO long to get back in touch with you.  Doc and Daisy are doing great!!!  They are such sweethearts and are definitely the most popular "kids" on the block!!!  We have several neighbors who love them so much and now want Cairn terriers as well.  I am positive I have one family who wants a puppy soon!!!  I will take some more pictures soon and let you see how adorable these guys are!   

Thanks so much for letting us be Doc and Daisy's family.  We love them so much!!!    The Drews


Hello Brycie,

It is good to hear from you. The Spring litter is beautiful.  Froggy is an amazing dog and he has won my heart.  He is so smart and so easy to train. He will go anywhere and try anything. He loves the water and hiking.  We went to the beach for a week and he spent most of his days in the surf with the kids just loving the waves.  He gets along with everyone and visits his cousin dog often.  We celebrated his 1st birthday with   a cupcake for Frog and presents for him to unwrap and somehow he knew what to do.  My whole family loves him and now my sister wants a cairn.  If you have another litter next year, we want a friend for Froggy and my sister wants one too!       Thanks, Rene



Dear Brycie and Mike,
I'm 9 months old now and life is wonderful! Not only do I have the love and attention from my human mom & dad, but William, the grandson, visits often and that makes for the best of times!

Everyone keeps telling me I'm somewhat of a brat; however, they don't know what restraint I use every moment of every day. There are so many wonderful things to explore in the house, the workshop and inside my fenced yard. Oh my, my yard -- did I tell you about the cat family that tried to invade my space? Didn't take but a couple of days and a nip or two on their heels and
I haven't seen them anymore. I think mom and dad are trying to take the credit, but I know who sent them high-tailing! Oh, and the rabbits and birds- I never catch them, but they surely are  fun to chase.

One more thing - I don't want to brag, but every time my mom or dad takes me to the vet I really get the compliments! They show me around to everyone in the office and keep saying how beautiful I am -- and I must be from a very good line. They say they don't see many Cairns of my quality around here.

Can you tell how happy I am with my wonderful family in Birmingham. As I said life Is WONDERFUL!!

Yours truly,
Bogart Battles 


Hi Brycie!!!
Thank you for raising such a wonderful puppy!!  Remington is such a joy. Since I owned a cairn from another breeder, I can really tell the "Brycie Love" that you impart to your puppies. Thank you so very much. 
Remington is quite the accomplished traveler.  He slept and played during the seven hour ride back to Florida. After he had played in my lap for about 20 minutes, I would turn on the heat and get the car quite cozy. He would fall asleep in my lap or between my leg and the arm rest. To keep him asleep, I would then let the car get cold so that he would snuggle down into the blanket for a long nap! What an easy trip!!
I just returned from the vet's office. All of the office is in love with Remington. Also, he received a clean fecal report! They were impressed!
If you are still accepting deposits for Trinket's last litter, I would most definitely like to be on your list. Just let me know and I'll get you a check into the mail.
Lots of LOVE from Remington.
Have a great evening!                          


Hey Brycie,

We hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas.

I’ve been meaning to get some pics of Mattie to you sooner, but here are a few. One is of her and Hunter(our grandson) riding in his truck. She loves to ride with him, and the others were taken a few days ago.  We absolutely adore Mattie. She is truly part of the family


Candy and Larry



Hi Brycie,
I just took some time to look at the recent puppy pictures. I noticed the little boy is still up for adoption, he reminds me so much of Angus at that age.  Angus and I were just at the Vet and he continues to rave about what a wonderful disposition he has as well as his perfect body condition.  I can't imagine anyone hesitating to adopt that beautiful brother of his!!  Angus plays so well with my three year old and seven year old great-granddaughters and kisses everyone he meets.  I can't imagine life without him and thank you again for raising such wonderful puppies.

Barbara (06/05/12)



Hey Brycie!

I wanted to send a HUGE thank you for such a WONDERFUL, sweet, smart , and SPUNKY puppy!  Darby is just AMAZING!  She goes right outside and does her business, is friendly to everyone, only wakes once at night to use the potty, and great at car trips.  HA!  We traveled back to NC and she did GREAT!  She already seems to love her new home.  The girls are SO fond of her and Delaney just about takes her everywhere.  Renee even added the word “Darby” or “doggy”, as we are not sure yet, to her 5 word vocabulary.  She really has been such a JOY in the three short days we have had her.  Thank you SO very much.  We could not be more thrilled with our new little girl. 


Allison  “Darby’s Mom” 

Hey Brycie,

Just wanted to let you know that I took Darby to the vet today for her initial check-up and the vet said that we had one perfect little pup!  He was smiling ear to ear.  She was charming.  She is just such a blessing to our little family.  We talked of our former dog, Tucker.  The vet said that after 25 years in the business he had only ever seen one other dog like our Tucker.  He really feels as though he was born with some genetic abnormality and that we were lucky to have him as long as we did.  Thank you for giving us a second chance at a healthy dog.  I was shedding some tears of joy and relief at the vet.

Take care -Allison

Hi Brycie!
Everything is going great with Briony.  There are no surprises from the typical puppy except that Briony is so much more "vocal" than Sophie.  Her playful barks and whining are such a hoot!  Bart made a special potty tray for Briony out of artificial turf placed in a kitty litter box (with your wood chips below) and she uses it all the time!  She is also amazing when it comes to using our outdoor doggie run.  At 3am she wakes up and is back to sleep in 5 minutes after a walk outside!  I'm not losing much sleep.  :)  She loves mini Dingos, which has helped curb the chewing and biting.  Thanks for all the chew toys.  She loves those too!  She has brought so much laughter into the house.  :)

Patte, Bart, & girls


Hello Brycie,

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family in good health. I just want to update you on Bella Grace. She is doing fantastic. She went to the vet today and got a clean bill of health, she also had her first bath and cut. She had a long day today. I just picked her up from the groomers and she was pooped. Her weight today was 9.5lbs

She is just beautiful and a wonderful blessing to our family. Here is a photo I took today. 





Hi Brycie,

Wallace is an exceptional dog. He's 20 pounds now. I think he needs a haircut, but his father and grandmother protest. He's super smart and the quintessential terrier - he welcomes all of his new toys with a death shake and a quick squeaker-ectomy. He's graduated from two good manner classes and was the top dog in both. He learned all sorts of tricks and will rollover for everyone but his father. He loves tennis balls best, closely followed by blueberries, carrots and people. He does not like baths, squirrels or crows. He is healthy, tough, brave, smart and sweet. We love him dearly.  Hope you're well.   Ella



Truman just turned 1 (as you know) and is as lovable and active as ever! He's sporting his electric fireball here (it has flickering lights in it). He is so like his dad, Divot, and will play fetch as long you throw the ball (or just about anything). We just love him and he knows it. Thanks for a wonderful companion. Steve and Nancye




Hi Brycie,

Sorry I am just getting back to you.  Ruby is just wonderful! We are having a so much fun with her. My heart is so full of love for Ruby. She is the light of our daily lives. So affectionate and loving. She is so spoiled too. My husband blames me, of course! But, he is the one who is home with her every day.  Took her for a full health checkup and shots last month. She is in excellent health, just a little over weight (16.5 pounds).

We discovered she does not like the pool very much. She does not want to get in, nor does she want us to get in either. She runs up and down the sides barking at us as we swim. I think I will try to find a doggy float for her. She loves to play fetch though.  Ruby is perfect! She is a true testament to her parentage and her breeder! 



Hey Brycie,
 Just wanted to say Thanks and your love really shows in your dogs.

Fergus seamed to want to get in the back seat so we stopped a few miles down the road and had both kids in back with him in the middle. He went right to sleep and slept till we got home. In between play sessions we put him in his pen and he settles down in a few minutes then plays himself to sleep. I was going to wait a few days to put a leash on him but got concerned if I had to take him out in the middle of the night so I went ahead to clip one on for him to get used to. I was surprised that after about 90 seconds he seamed fine. Every time I have taken him out he has been on the leash with no resistance at all.
Our biggest surprise was when we put him up for the night in a small pen by our bed. We had expected a sleepless night with whining. In less than 5 minutes he was quite and that was that. At 4 I turned on the light to check on him and saw his eyes open so I took him outside. Little play then back to bed. Same thing, settled down in a few minutes and slept till we got back up.
He met 2 of our Grandchildren, twins who will be 2 in October. Very supervised but he was Great. They love him.  He has already stolen every bodies heart. We are more than impressed. I know I already have the best dog I have ever had.

We will not let him down.

Thanks again,


Dear Brycie,
What a week!
On Monday I met a boy named Nick and on Tuesday I met Gayle and Amanda. On Wednesday I met Glenn and Judie -- and they brought me toys! On Friday I met Heather and on 
Saturday I met a teenager called Allan and his grandfather, Mr. Billy. The world is filled with wonderful people to love on and play with me!
Mommy says I have a "good temperament" because I was not bothered by the vacuum cleaner, a thunderstorm, sonic booms or the monthly test of the emergency sirens. Of course I had to bark once at the person on the bicycle to protect my mommy, and I also gave the fire hydrant a few barks, but my greatest accomplishment of the week was defeating the air monster that lives in the floor vent.
Mommy also said my appetite is "increasing" as I'm now finishing the first quarter cup before the next one is served -- but of course, I'm a growing boy!
I hope your week was as fun as mine!



It's been 5 years since we adopted our amazing pup Dixie (2009). I just wanted to reach out to you and share how amazing Dixie is. It's funny to read about Trinket's personality because Dixie is the exact same way and she looks just like her too. She is completely a lap dog and snuggles with us all the time. She sleeps in bed with us, under the covers and is always wherever I am. So, you can imagine how spoiled she is. She also loves to chase the birds and squirrels when she goes outside to play but that's about all the running she does.  Dixie can be lazy sometimes. She will not play fetch. Ha ha. However, she LOVES to go on walks and will walk forever. Her health is fabulous.

We are so overjoyed with our sweet Dixie and very thankful she is a part of our family.

Rachel and Jon




More to come soon! 



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