Retired Cairns

Retired Sire:  Cairn Terrier Creek's Raisin' a "Ruckus" 

Ruckus is the coolest dog and loves to go anywhere anytime!  He is a beautiful boy and he gave us some gorgeous puppies!  Ruckus now lives with a friend in Chattanooga, TN and is loving life as top-dog!  He is his new owner Brian's joy and we couldn't be more pleased with Ruckus's new life!  He gets to ride side-car on Brian's motorcycle.  He is daddy to our sire Mojo so we still have a part of Ruckus with us!  

Retired Dam:  Whites Creek "Diamond" in the Ruff 

Diamond is a gorgeous, sweet and loving girl and she is one of the smartest cairns we've ever had! Diamond could climb out of her exercise pen with no problem, hand over foot like she was climbing a ladder!  She has the most awesome demeanor and she is so even-keeled.  She sets the tone for the other dogs as she is absolutely the most perfect dog on the planet.  She has never given us one ounce of attitude.  Diamond came from Whites Creek Cairns in Reno, Nevada and she has given us some beautiful puppies!  She was an exceptional mama and loved her puppies!  She is mama to our sire Mojo.  We just cannot say enough about this beautiful dog!!

Retired Dam:  Whites Creek "Treasure" Trove 

This is Treasure!!  She is our little "athlete" and LOVES to play ball!!  For Treasure, BALL IS LIFE!!  She knows what "take a break" means as we have to tell her every night during ball time or she would run herself out!  She is currently the alpha female and "tries" to keep the other girls in line (haha).   She has a beautiful brindle coat and a precious face and the sweetest personality!  She is our kisser!!!   Treasure sure gave us some gorgeous puppies!!  She is certainly a treasure!!

In loving memory of:  Shangrila's "Divot" Did It 

Divot was our prized sire!  He came from champion bloodlines and had 6 champions in his 3 generation pedigree, including his sire.  Divot absolutely LOVED to play ball and he would play "fetch" all day long!  Heaven help the little squirrel or chipmunk that carelessly happens to enter HIS yard!  He loved people and children and had never met a stranger.  He had the best temperament and was the most affectionate dog.  Divot will always hold a very special place in our hearts as our very first cairn.  Rest In Peace our sweet boy!      

In loving memory of:  Peachtree's Little "Trinket" 

Trinket was one of the sweetest girls you would ever meet.  She was not the "typical Cairn" in that she was a lap dog.  She loved to fall asleep in your lap, on her back in your arms.  She was a very loving mommy and took great care of her puppies. Trinket LOVED people, particularly children.  She had such a sweet disposition and she loved to play ball with Divot.  Trinket was our first breeding female and she gave us the most beautiful puppies!  Our hearts are still broken over the loss of our precious Trinket.  Fly High sweet one!

In loving memory of:  CCCT's Lookie It's "Cookie"  

Cookie was a precious little girl and she was a wonderful addition to our original breeding pair.  She loved to play and kiss and she ADORED people which was a true testimony of a good breeder from whom she came.  Cookie was a petite little girl at just 11 pounds and she gave us some beautiful puppies!  We will forever miss and love our beautiful Cookie.  Rest In Peace our precious girl!              

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